Walking with a ghost (jesuit) wrote in nekonyanya,
Walking with a ghost


Well New Duel Jewel Fan joining your Community, I love Yu-Ya (even as a guy) in the most non-homosexual way.. He's just so damn cool *swoons*, Well anyways, If anyone can tell me where to get that Yu-Ya shirt or any other items he has, As I am Cosplaying him in a few weeks, that'd be awesome :)

-Ich Liebe Yu-Ya!
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That's cool! Did you ever get around to doing your cosplay?
Gonna do it this AX as a matter of fact.. I have the hair on order and I have part of his ninja costume done. Its fairly simple, mostly me working out to fit his body.
XDDD One of my friends is doing that costume. I guess she's doing a couple other costumes of his too. The hardest part for us about the ninja costume was figuring out what all the different text said. Other than that it should be easy! Good luck with it and take pictures!! :)
I have the body, now I need to do the Mad Terrorist thing and the zodiacs on the back >
Yeah, the back was a pain to figure out. Besides the text on the back there's a spider, a scorpion, and 3 fluer-du-lis but I don't remember it saying 'Mad' Terrorist anywhere... Maybe you noticed something we didn't :)
Its on his white shirt. and I think the shirt might be velvet.
Oh yeah!! And I don't think the shirt is velvet... it seems to have a screen print on it that makes it look dirty or something.. :/ but I know what you mean. It's like a light grey color. Everybody has a different view on it.