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Yuya love

Dude, whoever decided to make this community kicks serious ass!

When I first got into Duel Jewel, at first I couldn't decide who I liked more, Shun or Yuya but after seeing that so many people had Shun as their favorite member, I started swaying more towards Yuya.

Yuya is so under appreciated. ;_; Wai. *glomps Yuya* He's most definently my favorite member now. I treasure the picture I took of him at Katsucon when I was sitting right in front of him at the Accoustic Live concert. *_*

And maybe its just me...but does the little things he does on stage remind anyone else of hide? Or am I looking a little too far into this? ^^; I just felt that when I was watching him perform, he reminded me of hide for some reason.

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