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Jrock AU Rpg 
07:50am 23/08/2005
mood: optimistic
Yuya is open

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10:34am 09/07/2003
mood: calm
Hey guys! Since everyone just got back from AX...

I'm looking for submissions of photos and fanart for my Yuya site. You'll get credit naturally...I just want to make this site really good for him. If you haven't been there yet, the URL is http://yuya.fateback.com ...if you have stuff you'd like to send in, e-mail me at yuya_sama@hotmail.com. Thanks so much guys! ^o^
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02:25pm 08/07/2003
  Well New Duel Jewel Fan joining your Community, I love Yu-Ya (even as a guy) in the most non-homosexual way.. He's just so damn cool *swoons*, Well anyways, If anyone can tell me where to get that Yu-Ya shirt or any other items he has, As I am Cosplaying him in a few weeks, that'd be awesome :)

-Ich Liebe Yu-Ya!
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03:25pm 06/07/2003
mood: forgetful
O_O I forgot to post my Yuya shrine, and.... x.x Then I saw another Yuya shrine posted, and I was thinking "....OH!"


;-; I hope no one thinks I'm a copy cat for having a Yuya shrine x.x
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Hey all! 
04:09am 04/07/2003
mood: accomplished
I just finished my shrine/fanlisting for Yuya! Please check it out, and join if you want!!

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04:27am 26/06/2003
mood: accomplished
I finally got my pictures from A-kon up!
^_^; Sorry this took so long, but here they are...
s A-kon 14 gallery
Enjoy! XD
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11:40pm 22/06/2003
  O_O;;; I <3 Yuya.

Okay, done with.... the initial shock. I FINALLY get around to joining some new communities, so I thought, "Why not join this one? My, pancakes are good, non?!?"

...Okay. Anyway, I'm glad there's a community devoted to Yuya :D
nya nya 
10:19am 11/06/2003
mood: happy
Okay i joined the community so i figured i should post my i love Yuya-ness like other people. He is now my fave member, he's so cute! And he's so nice and he's just wonderful. I was very excited to find a community for him and just had to join, so yay! Hehehe, okay i'm being a dork. Yay for the love of Yuya! ^_^V
First Entry 
07:03pm 08/06/2003
mood: content
Aw...a Yuya community! He's such a kewtie...that mysterious atmosphere ::swoons::

* * * * *
...held by the wings of an angel...
02:08pm 08/06/2003
  Okay, it's spam time. I figured everyone else had communities, so Natsuki and Val should have them too. (Sorry if you see this more than once):

Natsuki: natsuki_basu
Val: drumshark
^_^ ::waves:: 
07:19pm 04/06/2003
mood: bouncy
I just got a Live Journal and joined! I just thought I would stop by and say hi! I am a huge Duel Jewel fan. Especially Yuya, he is by far my Favorite member. ::dies::
I have pictures from A-kon 14 on the way and as soon as I get them scanned and up I will be sure to post a link! Knowing the fact I took them most of them will probably be of Yuya ^_^;
Anywho just thought I would stop by and say hi!
03:46pm 03/06/2003

I got a sweaty (ewwwwww) hug from Yuya ^_^

and a Yuya guitar pick!!!!! ^__^

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05:51pm 25/05/2003
  I forgot to ask this before i hit update.

Delryium, would you like to have nekonyanya be a brother/sister/whatever community to 1,000 watt smile? ^_^;
Sorry for cross posting 
05:33pm 25/05/2003
mood: happy
I hope you don't mind my posting this here ^_^

I have been thinking about making either a Yuya or Hayato community for a while now, well I was beat to making a Yuya community so my friends and I made a Hayato one.
I hope to see many of you join and post ^_^

About time. 
01:44pm 25/05/2003
mood: cold
Hey, all. I'm going to be the resident lurker (most likely) here, but don't get me wrong: I still adore the little ninja...er, Yuya. (Ack; speaking of, I need to work on that chibi ninja Yuya art idea.)

Right, then. Carry on.
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10:39am 25/05/2003
mood: happy
Hello! I'm new to this community if you couldn't tell, so i just thought i'd post and let you all know ^^;;

I was actually thinking about starting either a Yuya community or a Hayato one, but I guess you beat me to it! ^_^
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08:25pm 22/05/2003
  GENIUS! Now all we need are communities devoted to Shun, Hayato, Natsuki and Val... I just have to say that I am very happy to be a member of this community. ^^ I first saw Duel Jewel at last year's A-Kon and fell in love then. At the concert, I became "Rabid-Fangirl" me and touched Yuya's guitar, but I'm more ashamed of that now.. >.<

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Anyways, this has been a hello to all you fellow Duel Jewel and Yuya fans. *wave*
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Yuya love 
07:09pm 22/05/2003
mood: happy
Dude, whoever decided to make this community kicks serious ass!

When I first got into Duel Jewel, at first I couldn't decide who I liked more, Shun or Yuya but after seeing that so many people had Shun as their favorite member, I started swaying more towards Yuya.

Yuya is so under appreciated. ;_; Wai. *glomps Yuya* He's most definently my favorite member now. I treasure the picture I took of him at Katsucon when I was sitting right in front of him at the Accoustic Live concert. *_*

And maybe its just me...but does the little things he does on stage remind anyone else of hide? Or am I looking a little too far into this? ^^; I just felt that when I was watching him perform, he reminded me of hide for some reason.

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11:59am 16/05/2003
mood: crazy
Aa~ The Yuya community! How wonderful :D Anyways, I really like Yuya cuz he knew who I cosplayed ;p And he rocks on top of that! Anyways... My ujournal is Yuya-themed! XD Journal Woooo~ YAY!

I hope it's ok if I posted here >_>
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Aa~ The Yuya community! How wonderful :D Anyways, I really like Yuya cuz he knew who I cosplayed ;p And he rocks on top of that! Anyways... My ujournal is Yuya-themed! XD <a href="http://www.ujournal.org/~angelicdeity">Journal</a> Woooo~ YAY!

I hope it's ok if I posted here >_> <_< But I luuuv~ Yuya ;_;

I will show him much love with this picture: <a href="http://home.graffiti.net/dark_deity/Dark_Deity/YUYA.jpg">Yuya</a> Although the little anime figure will be colored. @_@ Hope he likes it. *worries*
Your mission 
10:17pm 08/05/2003
  For anyone who goes to Acen:

When you go through the autograph line, take a moment to tell Yuya that you think he is wonderful, in whatever manner you choose. *nods*
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